Our vendor list

We are well known company in Iran petrolum industry and all we are in below companies vendor lists for supply them equipment and also export their products:

1.Jam petrochemical company

2.Fanavaran Petrochemical factory

3.Shazand Arak refinery

4.Abadan refinery

5.Bandar Abbas refinery

6. West  Oil and gas operating company

7.Karoun Oil and gas operating company

8.Maroun Oil and gas operating company

9.Gachsaran Oil and gas operating company

10. Ghadeer petrochemical company

11.Central oil pipe line and Telecommunications company

12. Parsian gas refine

13. Fallat ghareh oil company

14. Iran drilling national company

15. the oil export terminals company

16. morvarid petrochemical company

17. Kermanshah petrochemical industrial company

18. petrochemical industrial national company

19. Behran oil company

20. amir kabir petrochemical company

21. Iran’s Gas Engineering and Development Company

22. Iran’s oil terminals company

23. Shahid Montazeri Power Plant

24. barzooyeh petrochemical company

25. khorasan petrochemical company

26. shazand petrochemical company

27. mobin petrochemical company

28. fajr petrochemical company

29.Zagros petrochemical factory

30.Iran north drilling company

31.National Iranian South Oil Company(NISOC)

32.Kermanshah oil refinery

33.Falat ghareh oil company

34.Tehran oil refinery

35.Esfahan oil refinery

36.Tabriz oil refinery

37.Hashemi nejad gas refinery

38.Parsian gas refinery

39.South Pars gas complex