z Saman Faraz Gheshm is a member of Iranian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Products’ Export Association (OPEX) and one of the main suppliers of all subsidiaries of Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Petroleum.

SFG Holding Co also have the exploitation right of three coal mines in Tabas-IRAN Which in total contain more than 500 million reserve.



Saman Kavosh Tabas

Saman Kavosh Tabas Co (SKT) is one of subsidiaries of Saman Faraz Gheshm Co. Holdings that was established for produce and supply of minerals (such as thermal and coking coal (raw or clean) and Iron ore, Bauxite), coke, and the other services like Engineering and consultant of mining fields, supplying of mine equipment, mine safety and training of HSE Plan. The main major of SKT is production thermal and coking coal in the coal field of Tabas (South-Khorasan province, Iran). In this field, SKT Co. is one of the largest companies in Middle East by having more than 500 million tons of coal reserve. In addition, SKT Co. is the most important partner of IMIDRO (Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation) and IMPASCO (Iran Minerals Production and Supply Co.) in field of coking coal production in Iran. For more information, visit  Saman Kavosh Tabas (SKT)


Emkan Tamin Saman

Emkan Tamin Saman Co. is one of the subsidiaries of Saman Faraz Gheshm Holding in the field of production and distribution of motor and industrial lubricants and lubricants used in marine machinery. It has sales agents for the largest manufacturers of motor, industrial and other lubricants in Iran, including Iranol Oil Company, Behran Oil Company, Pars Oil Company, Sepahan Oil Company and Fooman Shimi. For more information, visit Emkan Tamin Saman


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Saman Sannat Tabas