About us

Saman Faraz Gheshm Holding Company was founded in 2007, as an independent company in the field of engineering and business services. Our main purpose is to providing goods, services and after sales services to refineries, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, mining and manufacturing industries in Iran.


It is our proud to be a member of Iranian oil, gas and petrochemicals products Export Association (OPEX) and active in exporting oil, gas and petrochemical products.

Our headquarter is based in Tehran and we have branch offices in the country of Slovenia, UAE, Turkey and China to import/export technical equipment and petrochemicals products from/to USA, Europe, Japan and China.


Saman Faraz Gheshm is in the vendor list of refineries, drilling and petrochemical companies in Iran and is often in the context of import of spare parts and provide after-sales services, this holding has the below subsidiaries in the field of supply, servicing and selling industrial goods:


SEPIS; Saman Energy Petroleum Industry Supply

Saman Energy Petroleum Industry Supply Company is a joint venture of Saman Faraz Gheshm Co. and research Institute of petroleum Industry (NIOC-RIPI) and is the first company in the field of knowledge-based production of chemicals and catalysts is associated with Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals.

This company is active in research, production, sale, import and export of chemical products, machinery and laboratory equipment associated with oil and gas and petrochemical.


Saman Kavosh Tabas Co.

Saman Kavoshh Tabas is also one of subsidiaries of Holding Saman Faraz Gheshm is active in the field of mining industry including coal mines, iron ore, lead and zinc, and copper. Saman Kavosh Tabas has mineral reserves amounting to 500 million tons of coal excavated